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Il tappeto fiorito

Every year the last week of May is dedicated to l'infiorata of the city of Noto, an event.
In which this year is affiliated with the national lottery ( the infiorata lottery of Noto ). This event Is one of the best events on the Island of Sicily.It came about 20 years ago when Gezanese and Noto artists met and it is right at Genzano in the Province of Rome that this beautiful picturesque Technique is developed.Corrado Nicolaci is the street in which l'infiorata is born, the impact is strong where the church of Montevergini is opposed to the Palace of Prince Nicolaci "Villa dorata" With balconies which have been defined as the most beautiful in the world.
In the street a series of Palaces belonging to the nobility which create a surprising prospective:Modica palace, Giunta palace But it is the actual city of Noto that brings all these things together that creates an architectonic Stage.On Friday the artists are ready to recreate on the ground their designs with flowers which Beforehand are created with pastels and brushes and so the long hard work begins and ends at dawn On Saturday when the artists retire to a worthy rest and the crowd of visitors will admire their Masterpieces till Monday afternoon when it will be destroyed by a parade of children that run on
The flowered carpet.


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